December 8, 2013

H-Shifter Arts & Crafts

I never quite liked the all metal shift knob of the Fanatec CSS.  In fact, I always thought the Porsche GT3 Alcantara shifter was pretty cool.

So I decide to do a little arts and crafts project to see if I can make my ClubSport Shifter be just like a real Porsche GT3 one.  (I did the same mod for my old TSW shifter, and I missed it a lot.)

Turns out with a bit of craftiness, and an old highlighter from my wife's law school prep course, I was able to fit an older Fanatec shift knob onto the CSS!  To boot, I also got a longer throw and better ergonomics from the Porsche style shifter.

I cut out a piece of suede, which I got from my local arts and crafts store, and got busy with the thread and needle.  I actually needed a really big needle, and really thick thread.  There is a special tool for this, so I used that.

After couple of trials, many errors, stitches, re-stitches, and couple of missing fingers, this is what happened:

I died the suede with a black fabric marker and sanded it, to give it that extra fuzzy feel. I also epoxied a screw head onto the plastic shift pattern plate, and screwed it in for a snug fit.

Then I made the boot.

I did initially intend to wrap the shifter in the black suede as well, but turned out that the tan one was much tougher as the black one tore when stretching it.  Go figure.

Anyway, there it is, a suede shifter, just like on the Porsche GT3 one. :)

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